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Small as Life and Infinitesimally as Pure by Matt Valentine

Image of Small as Life and Infinitesimally as Pure by Matt Valentine



Of interest to the literati out there (or anybody looking for some boss beach reading), Radical Readout Press, the publishing arm of the collective, in conjunction with Child of Microtones, is ecstatic to announce the publication of a new, slightly expanded second edition of Matt Valentine's psychoactive pulp novella, Small as Life and Infinitesimally as Pure...Shazam to that! The book is an extremely limited edition of 333 copies with cloth covered boards, foil stamping and a letter pressed stops left unpulled for this mother!

Small as Life....

...should you go toward the light, away from the light or inside the sound with hair? An analog fable of crystal powder trips to rare 78 hunts for food, from sacrilegious pagan idolatry to amorous love ins all in search of the mighty essence of grail overfloweth. Doc Caligari the record store casualty sips the Moretti, eats the Valdostana, snorts the white, leans hard left and makes all the scenes in a cosmic journey to the Psychic Commune...Matt Valentine is one half of the legendary MV&EE Medicine Show and a member of the oracular Tower Recordings. He resides in the lost mountain wilds of Vermont with Erika Elder and Zuma...

"a wonderfully cracked yarn about record-collecting, Buddha nature, drugs, sex, and many other important topics. If you like his musical work, you will certainly shit yourself sideways reading his fine words." -- Bull Tongue

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