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Homoem by Steven Zultanski

Image of Homoem by Steven Zultanski


ABSOLUTELY THE LAST AVAILABLE COPIES! 3 copies recently unearthed from the Radical Readout warehouse/bookshelf.

To the author of Pad, Cop Kisser, and This And That Lenin, this isn't just fun, it's self-victimization. Steve Zultanski's 2005 chapbook Homoem established a new pain threshold in an otherwise pdf deadened modern lit landscape. A list poem, yes, but so much more -- Homoem drops a cherry bomb in an already broken mens' lav by making a mockery of the mutually assured masculine self hatred implied in the epithet, "homo". As has been said of his more recent work, Zultanski "establishes worn-out masculinity as a cipher that history both creates and decodes, interprets without the knowledge that it itself wrote it in the first place–not unlike a good Tyler Perry vehicle." But unlike his more recent work, Homoem came first.

“By turning the tradition of ‘first I do this, then I do that’ poems inside out, Steven Zultanski demonstrates that language today is nothing more than a never-ending series of hypertextual chains consisting of empty signifiers: One thing leads to another; nothing leads to anything." -- Kenneth Goldsmith

"Not a horrible teacher, but not a great teacher. Class is boring and pointless." -- Rate My

"He takes the time to help you out with questions. He's funny too." -- Rate My